Integrated Transport Management System
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What is the TMS system for the transport and logistics company?

The system allows to achieve rhythmic operation of all control links, high efficiency and clarity in analysis of current information, subsequent preparation of data for making and implementing management decisions

The ability to work and get information from anywhere in the world

Reduce paperwork by up to 30%

Reduction of the share of paper documents in the accounting and management process

Single Tool

Input and processing of information in one place. There is no longer a need for 20 excel tables!

Improving overall performance

Tool for rapid analysis of transport company performance and management decisions

Automation of business processes

Reduction of manual work, exemption from routine operations, process optimization

Control and accounting

Control of transport services operations, fleet operation accounting and personnel management

Why are we?


Market Leaders

We specialize in working with transport and logistics companies and know this business well


Satisfied customers

We develop customized solutions for each customer



Our system integrates with various third-party programs and services (DATEV, GPS monitoring, fuel companies, etc.)



Due to the fact that we have experience in implementing various solutions, you will not spend money on choosing the wrong option 



Solutions are implemented using modern IT technologies, so they can always be changed or refined after a while


Flexible Pricing Policy

We guarantee that we will select the best payment option for you

What steps are involved in the implementation of the truck fleet management project?



You submit a request to calculate the project cost

Requirements Analysis

Together with you, we prepare detailed requirements (terms of reference) for the product that you will receive as a result of the project

Project Implementation

Phased implementation of the project according to the prepared requirements. User training, testing and debugging

The most important questions and answers

International road carriers with truck fleet of 30 units, which are aimed at growing and improving business efficiency, transparency and process control.

International carriers who believe that the processes in their company are ideal and do not require increased efficiency and adaptation to modern market requirements, as well as for those who consider IT technology something superfluous in the modern world.

Integrable with any accounting systems, including DATEV, SAP, NAV.

Yes. In the system, it is possible to maintain multi-currency accounting of several companies, which allows you to receive consolidated statements in one base currency throughout the group of companies.

The system is installed and stored on the customer server. It is also possible to host the system on a cloud server.

Yes, the system can be integrated with most popular monitoring systems, including DynaFleet from Volvo, FleetBoard from Mercedes, Transics, TrustTrack from Ruptela and others.

Yes, we can integrate with any of your service providers to quickly and easily post shipping costs.

Yes. The driver may also be a user of the system. Rights and functionality can be configured for the required scenario.

Yes, the system allows you to plan and record the facts of trailers coupling and uncoupling and take into account the corresponding mutual payments between legal entities within the group of companies.

Yes, there is a separate module for scheduling scheduled work and accounting for the costs of actual maintenance and repairs.

Yes, there is a separate customer service module for maintaining the history of relationships, planning tasks and reminders, building a sales funnel, etc.

- replacement of contract terms with backdated amount, timeframe of formula
changes and subtraction of results
- inability to determine who and when made changes and whether they were authorized
- deletion and concealment of information
- impossibility of information recovery after making changes

System Capabilities

The system allows you to manage the state of the fleet, employees, plan transportation both inside the transport enterprise and externally interact with various participants in the transport and logistics sector

Fleet managment

Fleet Management

▪ Maintenance of the vehicle base, truck-trailers
▪ Monitoring of scheduled technical services and repair
▪ Monitoring of the validity of documents with notification of expiration
▪ Tyre mileage control
▪ Equipment and inventory accounting
▪ Repair requests
▪ Accounting for maintenance costs and spare parts
▪ Accounting of truck and trailer couplings
▪ Real-time map display 

Claim Management, Planning, Invoicing

Claim Management, Planning, Invoicing

▪ Maintenance of the base of counterparties and contracts
▪ Overview and accounting of requisitions, status of execution
▪ Planning load/unload trips
▪ Check of arrival dates and deviations
▪ Dyspoplan
▪ Billing customers
▪ Control of receivables 

Fleet managment

Analysis, reporting, documents

▪ Calculation of cost of completed trip
▪ Automatic import of expenses: fuel, payment of roads, etc.
▪ Cost analysis by item: cost per kilometer per machine
▪ Accounting of issuance and return of transport documents
▪ Data transfer to enterprise accounting system (DATEV, etc.)


Human Resources Management

▪ Maintaining the driver base
▪ Document Expiration Notice
▪ Assignment History
▪ Accounting of working hours of drivers
▪ Driving quality analysis
▪ Registration of candidates 

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